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In 2017 I was faced with almost losing my four year old son in a drowning accident, witnessed by my five year old daughter.

That day changed everything.  It reshaped completely who I was as a person and as a mother.  It put life into perspective. The old wounds that I had been babysitting for years rushed to the surface and I knew that I had to let them go so that I could move myself and my family forward.

That journey had to start with me.  No amount of mindset books, podcasts or audio files would help me move forward unless I got my heart and head straight first –  emotional and mental balance is an inside job.

While my journey and experience of self healing has helped to overcome emotions of abandonment and worth, it has also sparked an awakening that my brokenness, the shattered glass, is always a part of me. The choice we all have is to stay stuck or to to evolve.  I chose to evolve.

I turned my broken glass into a disco ball that shines bright out into the world, lighting the way for women just like you to put the happy into healing and move forward, just like I did.

This experience of womanhood, of motherhood, has woven a thread so tightly connected that only repairing and healing from the past will stop it from fraying.  The things I once felt fear toward, I now feel freedom, those that I ignored & buried, I now embrace.

Motherhood is by far my most challenging life experience.  It’s the eyes through which I see my own mother and how she broke every glass ceiling to bring me up, alone, at 18. It’s the viewing platfrom from which I looked out, in search of the father figure that for a long time, was missing.

It’s my version of ‘success’ and the legacy that I’m leaving, by modelling to my children that to think is to learn and that to feel is to acknowledge. That no matter what life throws at them, they choose to stay unstuck and evolve, knowing that they have the courage to accept one thing: themselves. Because they are worthy, of everything in this world and through me and our life’s teaching, we can implement generational change for good.

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